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Dog Behaviour Research

Dr. Adam Miklosi

List of publications

Personal information:

Name: MIKLÓSI, Ádám
Place and date of Birth: Budapest, 25 September, 1962
Nationality: Hungarian
Profession: Biologist

1981-1986 Eötvös L. University (Budapest, Hungary) MSc degree in biology
1986-1989 Research scholarship of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, work at the Dep. of Ethology
1989-1996 Research assistant at the Department of Ethology
1996-2000 Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Dept. of Ethology
2000- Assistant professor
M.Sc. at Eötvös University of Budapest (1983) Thesis: Quantitative analysis of preda¬tor avoidance in the paradise fish (Macropodus opercularis).
Candidate of Biology (PhD), Hungarian Academy of Scien¬ces (1995) Thesis: Analysis of learning in the paradise fish
Doctor of Science (DSc), Hungarian Academy of Scien¬ces (2005) Thesis: Representational models of the living environment: An ethological approach
Research grants:
1991-1994 research grant "For the study of the use of ethological and psychological methods in behavioural genetics" (principal investigator)
1994-1998 The dog as a model for social evolution (participant)
1999-2002 Investigation of social intelligence in dogs, (participant)
2003-2006 The dog as a model for human personality
2005-2008 EU FP-6-NEST: Evolution of referential communication (participant)
2005-2008 Social learning in dogs (principal investigator)
International fellowships:
1992 Aug.- Oct. Fellowship at University of Sussex, England (awarded by Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour, U.K.)
1995 Aug.- Dec. Fellowship at the University of Sussex, England (awarded by OTKA-Foundation, Hungary)
1997/1998 Fellowship at the University of Sussex, England (awarded by NATO-Royal Society, U.K.)
1998 Oct-dec Fellowship at the Univ. College London, England (awarded by Human Frontiers, EU)
1999 Fellowship at the University of Sussex, England (awarded by The Wellcome Trust, U.K.)
Hungarian Biological Society, 1988-
Hungarian Ethological Society, 1991-
Assoc. the Study of Animal Behaviour (U.K.) 1985-
International Society for Anthrozoology (U.K.) 1996-
Associate Editor:
Animal Cognition (Springer Verlag) 1998-
Anthrozoos (Purdue University Press) 2004-
J. of Vet. Behav.: Clinical Applications and Research (Elsevier) 2005-
Language skills:
Hungarian (mother tongue)
Office address:
Eötvös Loránd Univesity, Department of Ethology
Pázmány Péter s. 1/c H-1117, Hungary
Tel: (36) 1 381 21 79, Fax: (36) 1 381 21 80
E-mail: miklosa (at) ludens (dot) elte (dot) hu

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