Canine behaviour and cognition: evolution, genetics and applications for breeding and performance

BehavGenLondonInterest in canine behavior, performance, genetics and cognition has increased with the enhanced sequencing of the dog genome. This meeting will bring together those who are establishing objective measurement protocols for behavioral, cognitive and performance assessments in dogs with those in molecular genetics who have used physical and functional measures as phenotypes to map the genetics of breed size and shape, structural patterns (including abnormalities), retinal and neurological conditions and neoplasia. This meeting is intended to facilitate studies that use behavioral data meaningful for the genetic analysis of complex traits.

The focus of the meeting will be on the genetics of behavior and cognition in pet and working dogs, with particular emphasis on performance traits and conditions for which dogs are excellent models for heritable pathologies. The format of the meeting, which includes numerous directed discussion periods and in-depth poster sessions, is intended to foster future collaborative research and to identify promising topics and researchers.

From Family Dog Project, Enikő Kubinyi lectures (28th June 11:45-12:15) on canine opioid receptor gene polymorphism and behaviour associations.

For more information see Canine Behaviour & Genetics.