First FDP papers of 2016!

First FDP papers of 2016!

The first FDP publications of the new year are already here:

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Gerencsér et al. investigated the effect of reward-handler dissociation on dog obedience by providing food reward either by the handler or by a dispenser device. They found that reward-handler dissociation affects dogs’ obedience in distant conditions.

Fig 2

Kovács et al.  studied the effect of oxytocin on biological motion perception in dogs. After having received either oxytocin or placebo, dogs were presented with 2D projection of a moving point-light human figure or a scrambled version of the same movie. Heart rate (HR), heart rate variability (HRV) and the dogs’ looking time was measured. While dogs in the placebo (control) group  showed a spontaneous preference for the biological motion pattern, there was no such preference after oxytocin pretreatment.