Our latest paper in the media

Our latest paper in the media

The article published recently by ELTE Department of Ethology, and MTA-ELTE Comparative Ethology Research Group in Science is causing a worldwide media buzz. The study, which was first in the world to address how dogs’ brains process human speech, has been picked up by several representatives of the international press and scientific popular science portals, among many others:  

BBC CNN NPR The New York Times Independent The Guardian The Washington Post The Times The Huffington Post Associated Press Reuters Fox News The Telegraph The Daily Telegraph Daily Mail The Sun The Verge Gizmodo Time Le Monde El Pais The Times of India The Hindu El Mundo ABC Der Spiegel Bild National Geographic Scientific American The Scientist Nature News

As well as in Hungarian : Index Origo Népszabadság Magyar Nemzet M1 RTL Klub TV2 Kossuth Rádió Inforádió

According to an established score of online media attention and activity (almetric), the study is already now, only a few days after its release, is among the top twenty in the line of scientific publications which came out the past six years (>100.000), and also among all of the publications in Science ever  (>30.000). Based on these and other media attention scores the publication is among the top 1% in the world:  https://www.altmetric.com/details/10916632.

The popular science video abstract created by the researchers (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9QQxa6eLPc) has been watched by 300 thousand people, which is also an outstanding achievement.

The video’s script was written by Attila Andics, filmed and edited by Attila Dávid Molnár. The two author together founded the Popular Science Video Workshop, world’s first and only training of its kind. More information at:www.filmjungle.eu/popsci